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We are excited to have you join us for Assent Con, whether you are there live or asynchronously!

Please show up with kindness, an anti-oppression mindset, speaking only from your own experience, and remembering to keep all confidential information to yourself during any sharing or workshopping.

If there are any concerns about this from our conference moderators, you may be asked to leave the live space and to participate with the rest of the conference asynchronously. We are pleased to have Janani Vaidya moderating this year for Assent Con!

assent terminology

Assent, Assent Withdrawal, and Assent-Based Practice are all different terms to describe different functional response classes. You may hear these terms used differently by different people. Here are some ways you might hear these terms used at Assent Con!


Several presenters may be showing Standard Celeration Charts at the conference. You do not have to have any familiarity with the SCC for this content to be meaningful, but it may be helpful to have an intro to how data are typically plotted on an SCC. This video is a brief SCC overview so you can feel more prepared!

conference ceus

BACB Learning CEUs are available for this conference. 1 learning hour equates to 1 CEU. 

6 possible Learning CEUs are available on Friday for the conference, and 6 possible Learning CEUs are available on Saturday for the workshop, for a total of 12 possible CEUs.

The Assent Conference 2024 is being hosted by Sex Ed Continuing Ed (SECE) & Collab Lab, as assent and assent-based practice are highly values aligned for us. All CEUs are being provided through SECE, which is an ACE Organization Provider. Our ACE Coordinator is Worner Leland, and our ACE Provider Number is OP-20-3433. Please reach out to or for more information about CEUs or for any other questions you may have.

We Can't wait to see you

Email with any questions and connect with us online!

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